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Nov 21,2019 活動期間:2019-11-20 ~


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        2019年11月20日,本計畫中心緬甸仰光辦公室「Economic & Business Research Database Unit」於隆重開幕!
        此次開幕典禮特別邀請國立暨南國際大學蘇玉龍校長、緬甸商工總會UMFCCI主席U Zaw Min Win、副主席Dr. Myo Thet、副主席Dr. Maung Maung Lay、主席顧問U Mying Aung等多位重要貴賓一同出席,本計畫中心共同主持人陳建良院長亦親自率領計畫人員共同前往,參與此次本中心重要的里程碑。
        會中,蘇校長於致詞時首先提及本校與緬甸多年合作關係及重要連結,今日得有此辦公室之開幕典禮,實為雙方互信共榮的重要成果;前緬甸駐台大使同時為UMFCCI副主席Dr. Myo Thet亦於致詞中提及,台緬雙方的多年合作中,國立暨南國際大學於其中扮演重要推手,今日得以有此成果,除了感恩雙方不斷努力之外,更期許未來更多合作,為緬甸發展貢獻更多力量。
      「Economic & Business Research Database Unit」隆重的開幕典禮於UMFCCI主席等嘉賓的共同祝賀下,順利完成剪綵儀式。隨後由我校蘇玉龍校長及陳建良院長共同向與會嘉賓介紹本計畫中心,並展示我方為此中心所提供之硬體設施、電子設備及商業調查所需之軟體技術,深獲UMFCCI肯定與期待。

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On November 20, 2019, the “Economic & Business Research Database Unit” of Yangon Office grand opening!

National Chi Nan University (NCNU) President Yuhlong Oliver Su, Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) Chairman U Zaw Min Win, Vice Chairman Dr. Myo Thet, Vice Chairman Dr. Maung Maung Lay, President Consultant Mr. U Mying Aung and many distinguished guests were specially invited to attend the ceremony.Our program co-principal investigator Dean Chen Chien-Liang also led the staff of research center to celebrate the important milestones.

President Su first mentioned that the long-term cooperation and good relationship between NCNU and Myanmar during his speech. The opening ceremony of this office today is a great achievement of mutual trust and shared prosperity. Vice Chairman Dr. Myo Thet also mentioned that NCNU plays a key role in the cooperation between Taiwan and Myanmar. Achieving this goal today, we all have to appreciate the continued efforts from both sides. We also wish more cooperation in the future and keep contributing to the Myanmar’s economic development.

"Economic & Business Research Database Unit" is now successfully open, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by the chairman of UMFCCI and many distinguished guests. NCNU President Su and Dean Chen also introduced this Database Unit to all the guests and demonstrated the hardware and software appliance which are all provided by NCNU.

The opening ceremony ended successfully. We hoped that the Economic & Business Research Database Unit continue to share Taiwan's experience to do more contributions to the Myanmar business research in the future.

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