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Jul 29,2020 活動期間:2020-07-04 ~

2019臺緬經濟交流會暨媒合會後臺緬合作案 Taiwan-Myanmar cooperation after

1081219日本校主辦「2019臺緬經濟論壇暨媒合會」,會後,全通國際貿易黃計陞董事長亦為暨大EMBA校友率先與本中心聯繫並成功與台灣信實國際潘進興董事長及緬甸HERALD CO.,LTD.董事長 TIN MG SOE進行投資評估會談,於今年73日在信實國際及HERALD CO.,LTD.協助下已與緬甸曼德勒繆達產業新城總經理簽定太陽能光電發電投資備忘錄,第一階段將在2020年投入2MW太陽能光電供給緬甸曼德勒繆達產業新城基礎設施及進駐廠商使用,後續將依曼德勒繆達產業新城招商及建設進度陸續投資太陽能光電設施達到經濟、就業、綠能的效益


"2019 Taiwan-Myanmar Business Matchmaking Forum" held by NCNU on Dec. 19, 2019. After the Forum, many Taiwanese entrepreneurs contacted the center for consulting the investment opportunities in Myanmar. Mr. Chi-Shing Huang, CEO of EVERTONE International Ltd, also an EMBA alumni of National Chi Nan University, took the lead in contacting with the center, and held investment evaluation with Mr. Ching-Hsing Pan, Chairman of Taiwan Herald International Co., Ltd. and Tin Mg SOE, Chairman of Herald Co., Ltd. of Myanmar, Ltd., and successfully signed an investment memorandum on solar photovoltaic power generation with Mandalay Myotha Industrial Development Public Co., Ltd. on July 3, 2020. In the first stage, 2MW solar energy will be put into use in the infrastructure and the manufacturers in Mandalay Myotha Industrial Park City in 2020. In the following years, investment in solar photovoltaic facilities will be carried out in accordance with the investment promotion and construction progress of Mandalay Myotha Industrial Park City, so as to achieve economic, employment and green energy.
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