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Jul 16,2019 活動期間:2019-11-19 ~

"Taiwan-Myanmar Economic Survey Overseas Science and Technology Innovation Center" Opening Ceremony


     「臺緬經濟調查海外科研中心」於2019年7月15日正式舉行簽約典禮暨揭牌儀式。由國立暨南國際大學蘇玉龍校長、本計畫共同主持人陳建良院長與緬甸工商總會(UMFCCI)主席U Zaw Min Win、副主席Dr. Myo Thant共同揭牌。

        蘇玉龍校長表示,這是臺緬合作的重要里程碑,臺灣願意分享成功經驗給世界,必當盡力而為,為緬甸貢獻一份心力。緬甸商工總會副主席Dr. Myo Thant於致詞時,感謝臺灣一起為緬甸的未來發展而努力,同時期盼兩國無論在文化、經貿、教育等多方面交流,皆能持續來往,使兩國合作關係更上層樓。



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On July 15, 2019, "Taiwan-Myanmar Economic Survey Overseas Science and Technology Innovation Center" was formally established. National Chi Nan University (NCNU) President Yuhlong Oliver Su, College of Management of NCNU Dean Chien-Liang Chen, Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) President U Zaw Min Win and Vice President Dr. Myo Thant attended the plaque unveiling ceremony for "Taiwan-Myanmar Economic Survey Overseas Science and Technology Innovation Center".

President Su Yulong mentioned that this is an important milestone for Taiwan-Myanmar cooperation. Taiwan is willing to share successful experiences with the world and we must leave no stone unturned and do what we canto contribute to Myanmar.
Dr. Myo Thant thanked Taiwan for working together for the future development of Myanmar, and looked forward to the continuous communication between the two countries in terms of culture, economy, trade and education, etc. Let’s take the Taiwan-Myanmar relationship up a notch and make it better.
Taiwan-Myanmar Economic Survey Overseas Science and Technology Innovation Center" has been planning for eight months. But more importantly, the National Chi Nan University has been persistently communicated with Myanmar for more than 20 years, and constantly make more contributions to the cooperation between Taiwan and Myanmar. For National Chi Nan University, this is a glory, and a mission!
Step by step, with the guidance of the New Southbound Policy, National Chi Nan Universityand and Myanmar seek unity in our cause and trust in each other, starting the bright future !

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