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Dec 20,2018

NCNU Hold 2018 "Taiwan-Myanmar Economic, Trade and Education Forum"



  本次論壇,首先由緬甸商工總會UMFCCI代表Ms. Thaw Dar Htwe說明緬甸經貿現況,她指出,緬甸資源豐沛,緬甸現階段五個重要發展潛力分別為:農業、漁業、製造業、開發工業區及旅遊,是世界各地投資者的競爭目標。






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On December 20, 2018, the National Chi Nan University held the "2018 Taiwan-Myanmar Economic, Trade and Education Forum" with the Central Taiwan Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China, the Myanmar Trade Office (Taipei), the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and the Taiwan-Myanmar Economic Trading and Cultural Exchange Association.

During the meeting, 23 entrepreneurs from Myanmar who participated in the "NCNU Myanmar Mandalay MBA International Training Workshop" were invited to express their industrial experience and their feelings of this workshop. Four professors were also invited to publish their experiences of industry-academia cooperation in Myanmar. It attracted about 60 participants from all respects.
In this forum, Ms. Thaw Dar Htwe, the representative of UMFCCI (Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry), first explained the current situation of Myanmar's economy and trade. She pointed out that Myanmar is rich in natural resources and now five most important industries with development potential in Myanmar are: Agriculture, Fishery, Manufacturing, Development of Industrial Zones and Tourism are the main battlefield for investors around the world.

Mr. Yang, the Chairman of the Taiwan-Myanmar Economic Trading and Cultural Exchange Association, giving a presentation on “Taiwan-Myanmar Industry-Academia collaboration--Medical industry as an example”. With the rapid development of the Myanmar economy and the rapid growth of the middle class, the demand for higher standard private hospital medical services will show explosive growth. Taiwan's medical quality and services are both leading in Asia. Taiwan should get ahead of the game in this huge market of medical care in Myanmar.

Ms. Wan Di-Hsu, Deputy Director of the International Medical Service of MacKay Memorial Hospital, said that since 2011, the team has visited the temples, schools, orphanages in Lashio and Yangon suburbs. And also cooperated with local medical institutions and enterprises to introduce the medical personnel of Myanmar to Taiwan for training. It is the best evidence of Taiwan medical team’s cooperation in Myanmar.

Mr. Wu Cheng-En, a practice teacher at Taipei Heping Experimental Elementary School, published his 'Myanmar Education field survey report on Myanmar for three months'. His deep observation of Myanmar culture and education led everyone to see the cultural deposit of Myanmar from different perspectives. "To be friends first before business partners". To make friends from the culture of understanding.

At the end of meeting, Dr. Chien-Liang Chen,  Dean of College of Management of National Chi Nan University, invited the representatives who participated in the "Taiwan-Myanmar Industry-Academic Exchange Group" to take turns to publish their experiences in Myanmar; and also the Myanmar MBA to share the feelings of visiting Taiwan.

Taiwan-Myanmar Economic, Trade and Education Forumhas promoted entrepreneurs to fully exchange ideas. It’s the best moment to cooperate between Taiwan and Myanmar enterprises. With the power from the government and the people, we wish Taiwan-Myanmara economy and trade exchanges a splendid future!

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