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Industry-Academia Cooperation
Nov 25,2018

2018Taiwan-Myanmar Industry-Academia Cooperation Itinerary Visits Myanmar


  此行首先抵達仰光,拜會緬甸最大商工總會UMFCCI(Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry),與商會各界進行簡報與交流。會中,UMFCCI副理事長兼緬甸駐台大使Dr. Myo Thet提到:「緬甸政府會優先投資教育與人才培育,但是政府間的合作是一個挑戰,希望台灣各大學代表能夠協助緬甸經貿發展。」為臺緬兩國間之產學合作開啟廣闊方向與未來。





From November 21st to 25th, 2018, the "Taiwan-Myanmar Industry-Academy Cooperation Itinerary", composed of the National Chi Nan University, went to Myanmar for industry-academia exchanges and visits. Professor Milan Tung-Wen Sun, Vice President of National Chi Nan University, led the delegation in person; Ci-Yi Hong, the Secretary of Education Section of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand (also cover Myanmar), participated and gave guidance throughout the journey. The other members of the group came from 8 different universities in Taiwan and from all fields.

On the afternoon of November21, the delegation first arrived in Yangon and met with the UMFCCI (Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry). Both UMFCCI and our members delivered the presentation and communicated with each other.

During the meeting, UMFCCI Vice Chairman and Myanmar Ambassador to Taiwan Dr. Myo Thet mentioned: "The Myanmar government will give prioritized investment in education and talent cultivation, but intergovernmental cooperation is a challenge. I hope that all the representatives of Taiwan universities can assist Myanmar's economy and trade development.” It gave the delegation a broad direction and future for the industry-academic cooperation between Taiwan and Myanmar.

On the morning of November22, the delegation attended an exchange meeting with the Mandalay MBA members in the ancient capital Mandalay. Both sides established an important basis for mutual understanding and mutual cooperation in the industry-academic cooperation for the future. After the meeting, the delegation visited the companies and the Chinese schools, which are established by the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and Taiwanese businessmen in Myanmar. All the delegation members are deeply impressed by their unremitting entrepreneurial spirit and school-running spirit.

The delegation called on Taiwan universities to link with industries in Myanmar, including energy technology, agricultural industry and technology, precision machinery, refrigeration and air conditioning, automation, beauty and hairdressing design industry, medical industry, language and culture teaching, and business survey etc. Through field visits and investigations, the delegation understood that Myanmar's society and economy are developing rapidly. All industries are in urgent need of cultivated talents. On the other hand, however, since the deficiency of statistics in business data and information, it made it no basis for investment policies from all respects.

However, these are the opportunities and hopes that the delegation observed. The members ended their journey with full touch and kept looking forward to contributing to the industry-academia cooperation in Taiwan-Myanmar. For example, by means the College of Management of National Chi Nan University is working on the project and with the assistance of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Directorate-General of Budge, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, R.O.C, to introduce the professional system of Taiwan's Industry and Commerce Census into the Myanmar business community.

The delegation believes that in the future, whether in industry-academia cooperation, talent cultivation, industry and commerce census, and even service to Chinese school etc., Taiwan will be able to join hands with Myanmar to create a better future!

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