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Distinguished Guests Visit
May 22,2019

緬甸商工總會(UMFCCI)會長顧問Mr. U Mying Aung以及臺緬共同研究中心研究員Ms. Thawdar Htwe訪臺
UMFCCI President Consultant Mr. U Mying Aung and Researcher Ms. Thawdar Htwe Visit Taiwan


        108年5月19日至22日緬甸商工總會(UMFCCI)主席顧問Mr. U Mying Aung以及臺緬共同研究中心研究員Ms. Thawdar Htwe來臺參訪,為雙方共同成立之「台緬經濟調查海外科研中心」內容做詳細討論。


        5月21日早上訪台貴賓隨本計畫共同主持人國立暨南國際大學管理學院陳建良院長,至行政院主計總處國勢普查處拜訪相關人員。Mr. U Mying Aung期盼能藉著臺灣經驗,協助緬甸建置完善的普查機制。

        下午至科技部國家實驗研究院新南向計畫專案辦公室拜會王曉晴經理等,Mr. U Mying Aung特別致謝科技部,並期盼此計畫在國立暨南國際大學與緬甸商工總會的共同合作努力下,為緬甸經濟發展作出更多貢獻,也為兩國合作往來樹立最佳典範!


From May 19 to 22, 2019, Mr. U Mying Aung, President Consultant of Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry(UMFCCI), and Ms. Thawdar Htwe, Researcher at the Taiwan-Myanmar Research Center, visited Taiwan to discuss in detail of setting up “Taiwan-Myanmar Economic Survey Overseas Science Technology Innovation Center”.

On May 20, representatives of NCNU and UMFCCI met at National Chi Nan University. The key topics include the implementation of the economic survey, the cooperation resources of Taiwan and Myanmar, and the establishment of system equipment in the office, which will lay a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation between both sides.

On the morning of May 21, the distinguished guests visited Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan with Chien-Liang Chen, Dean of the College of Management of National Chi Nan University. Mr. U Mying Aung hoped Taiwan could help Myanmar to establish a comprehensive census mechanism by Taiwan’s rich experience.

In the afternoon, they met with Sasha Wang, the Project Manager of the New Southbound Policy Project Office of National Applied Research Laboratories of Ministry of Science and Technology. Mr. U Mying Aung especially thanked the Ministry of Science and Technology for their help and hoped the co-operation between National Chi Nan University and Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industrymake more contributions to Myanmar economic development. It has also set the best example for Taiwan-Myanmar cooperation!